Hello, I'll tell little of how got to point I'm at.Almost four months ago I had sexual encounter with a girl during a one night stand and the condom fell off and was off during vaginal intercourse for approx 30-45 secs One week later I got a strange tingling/ slightly painful in the head of my penis that lasted only about a dayAbout one month after the encounter I started having slight discoloration under the head right below the opening, I decided to get checked, redness not painful or blisters or anything just redness.I decided to get checked. My results were negative for hiv/syphilis/gonohrea/chlymidia Reason I posted under this post rather than STDs is I pointed out the redness directly to the nurse and she seemed to see it as almost nothing and thought I was just becoming hypersenstive to paranoia of actually being an STD. Well its at nearly 4 months now and the redness still is there that seems to get worst and almost vanish at different times, but now a new symptom is started to appear the entire lower side of the head of my penis seems to be be much whiter and whitish/blue kinda color as if blood circulation is cut off to your finger. Does not hurt or burn during urination but kind of numb feeling that can tell something is up even when doing normal daily activities.I'm planning going back to the STD clinic in little over a week when I get the time, I'm going to get a herpes blood test that I had to wait at least 4 months in order to be accurate the nurse said but no blisters so I doubt is herpes.I doubt its an STD because the nurse seemed determined to believe anything serious and I believe may be a very bad timing for an infection to occur, Internet searches looking for penis or urinary tract infections so far have come up unhelpful so far. Any advice or recomendations would greatly be appreciated, Thank you very much in advance