First off your screwed.
second off unscrew yourself.
a diploma is a min requirment for any job that doesnt invovle frys.
the GED is an important step if a diploma is not an option.
with out one of the two thers no college and no trade school, noone will take you with out one or the other.
Ujnscrew yourself, do some study, thers several sites on the net that offer study guides and practice test for the GED, with a few days of study and a small soum of cash, you cna take it pass it and then you can legally say you graduated.
I graduated in 1989, in all that time noone has ever wanted to see my diploma, they jsut wanted a yes answer. the only ones that ever required to have a copy of it was college, and I nevre finished that. with no diploma or atleast a GED your screwed, makie it a priority, its going to go further than anything else in straightening out your life by way of jobs and money. after that consider a trade school.