Recently I watched a great documentary that's been playing on HBO called Paper Clips . I passed it along to my parents to watch and told my sister in NC about it as well. We were all pretty impressed and moved by it. The sister and brother-in-law are in Mayberry for a visit, and yesterday we all packed up and took a road trip to Whitwell, TN to visit the Children's Holocaust Memorial . It was an amazing thing to see and try to understand.Basically, these 8th grade kids in this southern, white bread town, were doing a unit on the Holocaust. In effort to try to grasp the concept of 6 million, they decided to try to collect 6 million paper clips. During WWII, the paper clips was a symbol of solidarity with the Jews in some parts of Europe. Anyway, word got out. National media noticed. Journalists from Germany came, and the paper clips poured in. Along with letters from Germany, historical documents, and eventually a genuine Holocaust-era boxed car shipped from Germany. All of this came with some pretty amazing, and ongoing, lessons about tolerance, hatred, diversity, and the power of one.Here's a picture of the memorial and my nephew placing a rock on the side of the car. Unfortunately, since he's only 3 1/2, all he understood was cool choo-choo train. I tried to talk to him about people doing bad things and him doing nice things, but he just wanted to see the choo-choo and the butterflies.My fear is that, as the Holocaust survivors and their contemporaries die out, the knowledge and lessons from their lives will be lost or diluted. Guess I'm kind of making a commitment to do my part to keep that from happening.Anyway...great movie. Worthy road trip.