Hi, I'm nineteen and less than 48 hours ago, I had sex with a girl I didn't know (intercourse/received oral) with a condom over vacation for the first time in my life and I noticed today that I have a strange discoloration on the shaft (near the beginning part of shaft) of my penis. It is about one inch long and is in the shape of something like a birthmark. It tingled during the day and after I checked it out and touched it, it started itching/slightly burning a little more. It doesn't hurt when I touch it though. The color is a dark purplish brown. I was drunk that night but I did wear a condom the entire time. Is it possible that my penis was getting bruised while I was having sex and it didn't hurt because the alcohol made me feel numb to it? Is this any kind of sign of an STD/infection/etc? Should I be worried if the discoloration gets worse or just doesn't go away after a week or so? Is it normal for something like a bruise on a penis to not be painful when you touch it? Is this common? What can I do to make it go away faster? Thank you.