I am working on a weekly lifting schedule to keep myself on track better and I was wondering if I could get some input on this schedual to keep a balanced exercise routine over the week and what I could do to improve each section. I was also wondering if there are any stretches that are particularly good to do before and after I do the following lifts each day. MondayI start with heavy stretching and than move on to do these: -Skull crushers, Dumbbell Row, Hammer Curls, Normal Curls, Shoulder Shrugs-TuesdayTuesday is kind of my light day between the heavy days, I will do some normal leg stretches (reaching for ankles, stretching the other major muscles) Than doing push ups, sit ups and stomach crunches.Wednesday is my lower body day where I focus on my leg muscles and I'd appreciate input on what good exercises to develop leg muscles are, on my bench I have one of the leg lifting devices (Basicly the leg device at the end of this one: http://buyfitnessonline.com/osc/images/IRONMAN_MOB_Olympic_Weight_Bench.jpg) And I do the sitting position and stomach position with that but I am not sure if that is enough to balance out my muscle building for my body. Thursday is my off day, I do some light stretching but no weight lifting. Friday is my medium-light mix of upper and lower body, I do lunges, some leg lifts on the machine and stomach crunches Saturday is basicly just stretching where I do full body stretching. Sunday is my off day completely. What I'd appreciate is if you guys told me of a few exercises that would help tone my body overall, opinions and input on my schedual and stretches you think would be good for before and after exercises and for during the days where I just stretch. I have the weight lifting bench with the leg piece and the dumbbell bar for bench press but the bar itself isn't long enough to do things like squats. Thanks for your input guys!