I have given StillSearching a three-day ban to cool things down. This is not for the purposes of laying blame, and it should not be inferred that this means I believe the fault is all his.On the contrary, I think several people behaved badly today, and if bans were an apportionment of blame there would be more of them. But I am not going to go that route, because I do not want this to become a matter of "sides", where everyone feels obliged to support one group of people and hate another group of people. That is not helpful to this forum at all.There have been some words of wisdom spoken, as well as words of unwisdom. It has been pointed out that everyone needs to feel comfortable posting here. We should not insult anyone, even if we feel insulted ourselves. We should not belittle anyone, or belittle anyone's questions, or knowledge. If you wish to make an attack in a post, could I ask that you not post at all? A patient, calm, level-headed response will be far more effective.It has also been wisely pointed out that often the most disturbing people need this place the most. That doesn't mean that anything is accetable, but please let's all try to take as little offence as possible, and give as little offence as possible. This place is full of weird idiosyncratic individuals, and when we joined, we increased their number.