well here is a new track called movin slow,

ill be willing to send this to anyone intrigued in the song or wishing to listen to it, yahoo messenger would be preferable but your email would be fine, you can respond here or send me a pm.

Verse 1

My thoughts comin but (they don't register),
In one ear out the other, (out the other),
Head phones blarin thinking bout sumthin better,
More intriguing like the fact dat I aint flowed for four fifths of a minute,
And im jonesin slash fiendin,
Ta return back to my parallel reality,
Where im president of the country and order is supported,
Although religious rewrites distort the topics and ideas plotted,
Blood clots dot ya brain and deprive ya plain and brains,
Of the cranium fluid required to work fluidly,
Theres no diversity in our modern day economy,
And hardly any rapper could single handedly,
Repair the damage that weve dealt,
Although strivin for wealth but lackin the heart felt,
Watch as I skin these whack mc's like cow pelts,
My damage has been dealt (mother fuckers, ((motherfuckers)

You runnin fast but ya feet are movin slow,
Too slow, too slow, too slow, too slow,
Ya brains workin fast but ya thoughts are comin slow,
Too slow, too slow, too slow, too slow,

Verse 2

Was put in the rain, was put in the snow,
Was given a pen but lacked the cadence ta flow,
He lacked the skill that had once given him strife,
Now his glare wasn't there in between the flashes of lights,
Now he lacks the vision so he couldn't rhyme right,
His alliteration of lyricisition faded away through condensation,
In between every single bit of lyrical information,
And with his mind immancipated,
Hes attempting to return to his routes,
Livin a life of lies, cause he knows that, dat life is untrue,
Now hes sentenced to an eternity of death,
For a crime he didn't do,
He was caught in the crossfires of life,
And death was the only thing left, that, he needed to do,
And what would you do, when faced within death,
Would you run to ya subterfuge,
Or stay true to ya routes, (what would you do)

Verse 3

You workin hard and it feels like its fa nothing,
But when you look in ya kids eyes,
You know dat you livin fa sumthin,
But you can only wish struggles is something they never go through,
Accept that its apart of life,
And dats somethin dey all gotta go through,
That is so they can be the best dat they can be,
Its hard livin a sinless life,
Inna world surrounded by money drugs and ice,
Your tryin hard but you still suffer sleepless nights,
You've prayed ta allah buddah and Christ,
But what about god,
Everything in this world stands for or represents a bigger cause,
Ya jaw is dropped in aww,
After hearin ya child stutter the words ma or pa,
And for a second in time ya life seems perfect,
Then you getta telephone call,
Sayin there cutting off ya electrical service, (damn)