he's friggin' 18.Last month, I had kind of been with this guy who was actually older than me, but he has been being a douche and only calling me back whenever HE wants to, and not pick up my calls when I wanted to see him so I got extremely fed up with it.I swear I'm destined to be with someone younger, and I mean a little bit younger...because all the ones who had ever treat me more decently were guys who were like 3 or 4 years younger than me...granted I've only ever been with one 18-year-old besides him and he was a complete asshole, too, but most guys who have treated me better, have been much younger, by about 2 years younger, and now 4.Lately, I've just been full of complaints about how all I ever run into are assholes 'n such (age ranging from 22 to 29). Well, I think I finally found someone to hang out with non-exclusively...except he's 18! To me it wouldn't have mattered if I was like 28 and he was 24, but I'm 23 and he is 18! He can't even get into bars and clubs with me for another three freakin' years. I think he's even just graduating high school right now, that's how awkward it is or could be. In fact, my last ex who is a year younger than me already, has this younger brother right? This guy I work with is even a year younger or two than my ex's younger brother. Ugh.Last night, I had the most unexpected night. I work at Subway, a place where it's naturally gonna be with younger people, around 18-years-old or so. I just needed a job and no place else was hiring...so I finally accepted the only one that would take me. The first time I saw him, I did think he was this cute emo lookin' boy, so he's not like ugly or anything. I kinda figured he was 18 already, just because Subway generally hires mostly high schoolers, with the occasional college students, aka me. When I first met him a while back, he was going out with this girl, and I heard she had a baby on the way. I was like, oh ok, plus he was 18 and I don't like guys who are like much younger than me, even though he could be really nice. Then, he told me last night that he broke up with his girlfriend some time ago because he got a DNA test and found out the kid was not his and she had been cheating on him multiple times throughout the relationship. I was thinking, ooh so you're single now and yay with no kid...wait a minute, you're still 18 so it doesn't matter if you are or not.I was put with this guy because no one else wanted to work with me since I couldn't make sandwiches 'n stuff fast enough. I like to take my time so I get everything right and squeaky clean...that's why I don't go really fast. He told me no one wanted to work with me because of that, and I hadn't ever worked with him so that's why I'm working with him for a bit.After work, he asked for a ride, but not only that, he asked me to hang out with him, so I said sure.For an 18-year-old, he's already living on his own...so pretty much props to that, but it's just that...he's 18.All I want is a nice, quiet evenings cuddling with someone maybe watching movies and hanging out, perhaps even a fwb, but also hanging out, not just benefiting, no one even having to be my boyfriend...because after I finish college here, I plan on moving to Chicago, but the thing is, that won't be for another couple of years.He said he really had a great night last night and would like to hang out again; kept going on about how cool I was. In fact, I think we're hanging out tonight and he said he would like me to stay over sometimes. His roommate also suggested that I could stay, too. And he said his roommate even likes me, lol.He told me that age shouldn't matter, and I'm like well...you can't even go to bars and clubs with me, but I wish you could. Even if he was like 20 or 21 and I'm 23, I'd be fine with that because he'd be in his 20s same as me...but he's still a buhhhfreakin' teen!He's done some douchebaggary things to other people, so he COULD potentially be a douche bag. Like he was set up on this date by his friends once, and when they went to a restaurant, she was extremely boring, so when she got up to go to the bathroom at one point, that's when he dashed out of the restaurant because he says she was that lame. He says he felt really bad, but she was extremely lame...buuuutttt he kept saying how cool I was and kept asking to hang out with me again.Thing is though, he seems to really like me and has treated me a whole heck of a lot better on the first night than some other people have, even ones who have been much older than me.Should I just try to shrug off the fact that he's 18-years-old, just graduating high school, and hang out with him? I don't know if this age thing is going to really get to me in the end. =|