I thought American doctors were one of the best doctors in the world? But sometimes i feel like they don't know shit. I've had a problem in my ear+throat+nose for more than a year already, gone to so many doctors, specialists, everything. My parents have already probably spent more than $500 on me on the past year, on co-payment and medicine and other treatments, and yet still i'm not cured. I've had a deviated septum for about 10 months now, which adds up to all these other problems i have. I have been basically begging all these ENTs to give me the surgery needed to fix it, so i can breathe normal again, but they said they don't even want to talk about it until i'm 18, because they can't preform surgery on me at this time(i just turned 17). Here's the funny thing. I have 8 year old cousin who has had breathing problems too, always breathed loud and only out of her mouth. Her mom took her took her many doctors and such, to see what they can do. And all they did was send her medicines and pills and all this crap. So she got fed up, and decided to take her to a doctor in our home country in Latin America, Colombia. Here's whats funny: the first day the doctor examined her he found numerous things wrong with her. She couldn't hear out of one ear, her epiglottis needed to be fixed, her tonsils needed to be removed, her nose needed surgery, and that flap under her tongue needed to be fixed. The doctor told her she needed surgery ASAP, because her throat was basically closing, and if she waited more it would have caused further complications. She now got surgery for everything that was wrong, and is perfectly fine now.A doctor in Latin America found what was wrong with her in a day, what numerous American doctors didn't do for more than 2 years. That's what i don't get. My mom has also been having knee pain and all that doctors can tell her is take aspirin, or use ice, or give her some bullshit leg brace. I feel like if you have healthcare doctors don't give two shits about you.Just venting/saying what's on my mind.