Recently during sex I experienced something rather frustrating. We had just started and suddenly I began feeling like my legs were falling asleep, you know, the 'ants' feeling. Then my eyelids started twitching as well, and strangely my hands started getting stuck into a position as if...well the only way I can think to describe it would be as if you were holding a flower. I would have to try to open my hands, they kept going to that position. It was incredibly scary. I have experienced this before when having sex, and it only happens during sex. I occasionally have sleep paralysis but I'm not sure that's relative. I have looked around for answers and I've seen things such as basically hyperventilating or not having good blood flow. When this happens we are in missionary position and I'm sure I'm breathing hard but I don't see how that could cause all of these symptoms. Any suggestions would be great, oh and I'd like to add no this was no where near the point of an orgasm. Sorry for the wall of text!