My girlfriend has been on bc for about a year 80% of our relationship. Anyway, I recently ran across a website selling herbal pills that reduce or counteract the negative side of birth control, that she gets almost no sensation from g-spot stimulation (I can almost always make her climax orally tho, im skilled at that), but the herbal pill says that the birth control will still prevent ovulation half of the reason I enjoyed the sex so much during the earlier parts of our relationship was seeing her recieve pleasure from me being inside her, and its not that i dont still enjoy it and love her very much, but its just something that i miss a lot and i know makes sex much less satisfying for me because even when i orgasm i often feel like it just wasnt as good as it used to beI am just looking to see if anyone knows about this at all, or of any other way to counteract the negative effect of no sensitivity internally,Thanks