For all my life they've been around... I know all the doctors and all the dermotologists say they'll eventually go away, but 10 years down the track they still lurk around.

Now I know i'm not a doctor, or a dermo. but I have discovered a way to get rid of them, and I know the pain and embarrassment for all those who have it, so I want to pass my infomation on to help someone.

Go see your local dermotologist, ask him about a acne remover called - Roaccutane (you may need a blood test).
Roaccutane is basicaly a anti-acne tablet which closes swet glands in your facial area, but I found out it also works down under. 2-3 weeks of taking these tablets it cleared up like new.
Only problem is, this is not a perminant solution, soon as you stop taking these tablets, the swet pours open back up and pop out they come.

I hope this can help some people out there.