I don't want to go extreme detail but I'll make it short.I broke up my girlfriend in the worst way possible, everything was fine but I was a stoner and all I wanted to do is get high. I'm still working on this problem but I just can't live with myself for what I've done. Pretty much she called me one day saying how not romantic I am and made me feel like shit I hung up and never answered a call/text. I actually never seen her since this day. I only realized how much of a fucken idiot I was and im so ashamed of myself I can't let this down. Every freaken day I'm reminded somehow and I just her voices in my head and it's driving me insane. I know I cant change anything now but I can't live with myself anymore i don't even want to go around girls cause im scared I'm going to hurt them. I've talked to her on Facebook because she added me but this didn't help. I offered to get together for coffee but I don't really think I even want to. I just want to restart life or something fuck I hate myself.