so these past few months have been pretty crazy for me. a bit bumpy, really. lost my v-card, had a few pregnancy scares, and took 3 plan b's in the past 3-4 i guess i shouldnt be surprised that im now showing certain signs of menstruation, for the third time in a span of a month in a half. the thing is, i'm not showing any pms symptoms. just, out of the blue, last night i started spotting and now i'm bleeding on and off. it hasnt reached the point of definitely being deemed menstruation, but im not sure what else it could be. its too much for ovulation spotting, that's for sure. and i really dont know how much blood is in implantation bleeding (i pray that that's not the case). im not to the point of freaking out yet, but i do need to find out, so any info anyone has would be beyond awesome. thanks!