I need advice on my current relationship. It's my first real relationship n we're coming up on 6 months. I usually never had a gf because I was too busy trying to focus on myself 21 btw. This girls gorgeous n a really good girl but I'm not sure if it's commitment issues but I feel like things are getting serious. I don't think it's smart for me personally to settle down with a girl while I'm so young and about to graduate ( she has 2 more years). I think having a girlfriend couldPotentially stop me from being able to focus completely on myself during the graduating college critical moment in my life. I feel like this point in time is crucial to not be distracted and be able to give your all to building a good base for a successful future. In my head I weigh this more important than having a girlfriend, and the fact it's getting serious I feellike I need to decide now what I want to do. It's difficult because she's such a great girl and I dont want to regret it afterwards n realize I messed up. I know I like her alot, but I'm not extremely crazy about her yet ( slow to love) but yeah just want to hear what people have to say thank you.