Okay people. I need some advice. basically...to make a long story short i'm a virgin.i'm 30 years old, and basically for a large portion of my teen years and early teens i was nerdy. very nerdy. http://www.mediabistro.com/unbeige/files/original/2005_0308_urkel.jpg and very often i struck out with women...well. for the past 8 years i have given myself an extreme makeover.diet, exercise-bodybuilding (muscular body), quality wardrobe upgrade, lasik on the eyes, got teeth fixed, better skin care in the faceand new attitude and new outlook on life too.i even do shirtless modeling type shots of myself to show all of the people who used to diss me who different i look in 2013. i would post pics but..i need to protect my idenity but i look something like this guy.http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/portrait-black-bodybuilder-1723510.jpg i have even ran into people from my teen years who claim they didn't recognize me.well...now i'm at that point where beautiful women are starting to notice me alot more. And now i have some opportunities now to actually get laid.but i have a problem. I've never fucked before. Sure i've looked at a ton of porno like most men, But the truth is this. I have alot of sex knowledge about dicks, woman's body, women's booty and pussies. I know many things but...I've told a few women about my situation, but even those two women were shocked and refused to believe me because of the way i look now in 2013. I appear to be this confident, good looking black man who has some experience. I don't look like the geeky male who is a 30 year old virgin. but the truth is i am.Yes..i know that it's a crime against mother nature to go this long without really bustin' a nut inside a woman but it is what it is...if a woman gave me a a good blow job and licked & messaged my balls in the right places- i gurantee you i would cum real fast. Gone in 60 seconds.if a beautiful woman with a pretty face, nice tits and nice ass was on top of me riding me hard and making the noises again i would cum very fast from the excitement. I was thinking about this yesterday while jerking off. i said "man...if i woman was riding me i wouldn't last long.."and maybe I'm wrong about this but i think the whole idea of cuming real fast for a man has to do with him allowing himself to enjoy the sex too much? He allows himself to get too excited and POW!! am i wrong?Usually when i jack off. I pretty much have no stamina. None!!I cum real fast like within a minute or two. And basically that's how it works for me. I either use porn or my imagination to get me excited and I'll cum real fast. and i'll rest for a minute or two because i'm drained in the penis and then go at it again maybe 2 or 3 times after drinking or eating something. But the truth is...it worries me.i worry that being an experienced pounder vs just stroking the penis is two different things. jerking off isn't helping my problem of stamina and all that. If anything i don't build up the state of mind that is needed to be an experienced pounder.because i have no technique or style, or stamina. i just have the look and the appearance. i think that My dick and balls are very sensitive. I have never had any one else other than myslef touch them. So i can't imagine how i would physically respond to these type of hands, mouth and toungue on them.http://honeyfanatic.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Photoxpress-hands.jpg http://vsallaccess.victoriassecret.com/a...cle_281x281.jpg It is what it is. But...i just wonder if there is something I can do differently. are there exercises i can do or breathing techniques or a state mind. I once recall a good website that a couple did where they talk about the problems of fucking when a man has no stamina and cums too fast. and that when a woman cums on a man's penis the insides of her vagina twitches and clamps down around the man's dick.i can't remember what it was called.You might laugh but i even considered at point buying one of those fake female booty asses and fake pussy things to practice on so i could get an idea of how anal and vaginal sex feels at least. But i could never live with myself if i did that so that's out of the question.so i'm wondering is there something i can do so that when the opportunity presents itself that i can atleast perform bettersure i won't be a porno star but i want to atleast give the impression that i have some skills.any advice. i would think that a man who has good technique and , stamina and who can pound a woman for along time has a strong lower back and knows how to breathe properly?