I am not a deceiver. When I was diagnosed with HSV2, I was with my last partner before my current. I really feel like he was the one who gave it to me but when I told him, I felt so crushed because he cried in my bed for what seemed like hours. We continued to go about our intimate lives together and never brought it up again. It was as if we both pretended it never happened and swept it under the rug. He was always a very flimsy person with his emotions; I believe he was diagnosed bipolar from what I gathered. He was not very open about his moodiness. A few months down the road, he attempted to take his own life before he was supposed to be at my house, and that affected me greatly. Sometimes I question if I contributed to his decision. I have anxiety from just the thought. Maybe I have nothing to do with any of that, but I just don't want to feel that way with my current partner. It is very selfish of me.
There's no way of knowing how he may react, but if I could decrease my odds of a negative reaction, what do you think I could do that will help me?? I just want to let him know what I have and tell him to get retested when he gets back. I pray that he is not infected. What would you do in my situation?

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