Every single time I have tried shaving my pubic hair I get hundreds of unsightly sore and itchy red bumps that don't go away for a solid week. No matter what's try I get these bumps (exfoliating, having a bath before hand, using shaving cream, using conditioner, using olive oil, moisturising, disinfecting the area with rubbing alcohol, using deodorant straight after, having a cold shower to close the pores the list goes on)

It's a personal preference to remove my pubic hair (I tried waxing and got a different kind of bump that spread all over my stomach and down my legs which was a much worse reaction) and I can't get lazer hair removal as my pubic hair colour is too light and I cannot afford it regardless - so shaving is the only option.

I get the same kind of bumps under my arms when I shave but they are milder and I kind of just suck it up, and shaving anywhere else doesn't seem to be an issue.

Does anyone else have ANY other tricks for me or am I just cursed with sensitive skin?