Back in the fall of 1986 I moved to Wisconsin to live with my Aunt, Uncle, and their 2 daughters which are my cousins. I had to live with them so I can go to college without paying all those damn high living cost! I was only 17 and was going to be 18 in a month to follow. Well one of my cousins who was 18 told me I could share her room. It was cool with me.One of the nights I was there I woke up to find my cousin riding me and the music was playing .She had her head back and was just getting it.I wanted to tell her to stop, but it was feeling too good.Shortly after I climaxed. She said she had been wanting me since she laid eyes on me. But I was still in shock! I told her I cannot believe what had happened. She promised not to tell anyone and said that I should stop trippin! She even said I can have her evernight if I wanted. I ended up moving in with my Grandmother. Over the next 17 years whenever I see her for family get togethers I just ignore her.I can tell after all these years she still wants me cause on Memorial Day this year she came to Illinois to visit us and she asked me to show her where a good store was. I rode with her and she once again tried to have sex with me. After 17 years she should have the point!