A couple weeks ago I wanted to surprise my wife with a special birthday gift. I baked a cake specially for her.

I decided to flavor the cake with my own cum. For example instead of a table spoon of milk I used a table spoon of my own cum for the icing. I also added two tablespoons of cum to the mixture of the cake itself and a but of cum to the whipped cream.

It's not the first time I created a cum flavored dish and I know how to neutralize the salty taste of the cum with some extra sugar and other sweetening supplements.

I've been experimenting with my own cum ever since I started masturbating and over the years I learned to appreciate the taste of it. I even eat my own load out of my wife's pussy or from her body if I for example ejaculated over her beasts, face or buttocks. She finds that very arousing and I just like to please her. It really helps that I love the taste of it. She's no stranger to it either and swallows eagerly if I ejaculate in her mouth.

So therefore I thought a cum flavored birthday cake would be appreciated. Until so far nothing to worry about.

Before you ask how I came in the possession of so much cum. I placed myself on a diet and collected all the Cum I ejaculated during my masturbating sessions in a jar who I kept in the freezer. (Otherwise I would have probably ate it all.) I calculated that I needed around 40 loads of cum for the cake. Which was pretty accurate bye the way :-) lol.

I presented the cake in the kitchen and my wife was thrilled with it. Unfortunately I couldn't explain which ingredients I used. Because our children, two daughters and one son came rushing into the kitchen wishing mommy a happy birthday.

I managed to keep the cake out of their eyesight. Not that there was any disturbing text written on. But because they would certainly have a piece and because of the ingredients I didn't think that was such a good idea.

Again until so far no problem at all.

It really started when my in-laws came along together with my wife's sister and her wife. My mother in law is a really nice woman. But she always takes charge when it's the birthday of one of her babies. (yeah write. My wife turned 47. I adore the floor she walks on but she isn't exactly a baby anymore. Thank heaven she isn't.)

So my mother in law takes the first cake she sees in the refrigerator and place 47 candles on it and walks with it into the living room singing happy birthday.

I almost had a heart attack when I recognized the cake. My cake! The candles were blown out and everyone wanted a piece. I was simply too.... I don't know what exactly. Afraid, nervous or just plain scared to tell them about the true nature of the cake.

Look everybody loved it and no one got sick or anything. My mother in law even asked me for the recipe. Which I can until so far keep away from her. My wife has her suspensions about the cake now. Mainly because I constantly keep avoiding giving my mother in law the recipe.

Look It had never been my intention to serve all of them that cake. I made it for my wife and myself. But it happened.

My wife is a pretty open minded woman. But I don't think she's going to take it well if I admit that there was cum mixed through the strawberry/chocolate cake. I think she already knows because she had have cum flavored food before. But then it was visible. Now it was all mixed up in known parts of a cake. That's why I suspect that she recognized the slightly salty taste. But I don't think she was absolutely sure.

On one side I want to come clean. But on the other side I don't think it would be wise to tell. For heaven sake, my own children ate from that cake. What would you do if you were in my situation?