Hey folks, I was living in Vancouver with my kids, last week I moved to Toronto. I was working as a physiotherapist. And now I'm planning to work as a freelancer. I'm a new person to Toronto and not sure about getting clients, but one thing I know, I can earn more in this way, if I got a few clients.
I'm running on a tight budget due to this place shift, so I can't afford o spend more on advertising now. I was planning to do a campaign regarding the importance of physiotherapy and physical fitness after an injury. I've consulted an agency for street team promotions in Toronto. They were good, we had a healthy discussion about the promotion strategies and they suggested me to go for walking billboards. I was pleased to accept that, but currently, they have no provision to provide billboards alone, because I can't afford the cost of a team. And they agreed on to come up with a positive response by next month. But I'm not ready to wait till that time, I'm not getting any alternate strategy that's why I'm here today.
Guys If you could suggest any valuable thoughts regarding my concern, it'd be a great help to me.
Many thanks in advance!