I had anal sex for the first time August 10th (condom was used). The next day I got diarehha and I had it till yesterday (August 22). Now I haven't crapped since Saturday morning. I looked at my anus in the mirror, and I see what looks like a single round bump that is a little bit darker than the rest of the area. It seems to have a line connected to it going into my anus. I pushed on it and it feels a little bit hard and it hurts a little bit. But other than that It doesn't hurt. And today, after a long night out drinking, my lower back was hurting pretty badly, but it went away. I am hoping for the best, that this thing is just a hemerhoid and every thing else is just a coincidence. I read that diareha can cause hemerhoids. Any thoughts? I am going to try and get tested for stds this week.