Hey,To help us help you a little quicker, when you post a problem or complaint in the Miscellaneous Medical Problems forum, can you try to include details for the following.A.S. S.A.M.P.L.E.Age: yes, it is sometimes important. Sex: different conditions can often be found for both male and female. Signs & Symptoms: of injury or illness. Allergies: it can sometimes help to know if you are allergic to medications, food, etc.Medications: what medications are you currently taking (prescribed or over the counter). Pertinent past medical history: what events or symptoms might be related to the injury or illness. Last oral intake: or you eating correctly (good healthy diet)? Events associated with or leading up to this injury or illness: knowing these events can help us put together the pieces of the medical puzzle. In all events of illness or injury, please do not substitute the use of this board for going to see a Medical Practitioner.It can also help your Medical Practitioner, if you print out this list and provide them with the details you give.