watup people well im a 16 year old male and i have some fitness problems/questions. im around 5'6 and 137 pounds so im at a good weight for my size. thats not my concern its that i want to get into a lot better shape. i do pushups daily and im up to 60 and i do 60 in the morning, 60 at midday and 60 before bed. i also go play baseball a lot cuz thats my main interest so i run a lot for practice and stuff but no real WEIGHT TRAINING excercises tho. im not really a SCRAWNY kid at all but i see other kids and they are bigger then me in their arms and stuff like that. so i wanna kno what i can do to get bigger arms/chest and make it show alot more. cuz my chest is bigger then most kids my age cuz i do pushups bit it doesnt like SHOW as much and stuff like that. i dont have access to a gym but i could run and lift weights but dont kno exactly wat do to. if any of you have any suggestions ill be grateful cuz i need to get in TIP TOP shape for baseball cuz its my junior year and things are gettin a lot more serious. so ur help will be greatly appreciated.