Thought these pics would be good to keep around for reference so I'll make it a sticky here. I don't think most guys have a good concept of the male anatomy. Thanks for hosting the pics, focus!Anatomy of the urogenital tract.Urogenital TractMuscle anatomy of the male urogenital area.Muscle Anatomy Retraction of the forskin in the uncircumcised male.Foreskin Retraction FrenulumIf you are an intact male and are not able to retract the forskin as shown in the picture, refer to the thread in the Archive section where this topic is discussed.Foreskin Stretching Pearly Penile Papules(PPP) are small harmless papules along the edge of the GlansPearly Penile Papules 1 Pearly Penile Papules 2 These are the perennially-worried-about sebaceous glands. You have these glands all over your body. Generally you will see then on the penis shaft and the scrotum. They produce sebum, which is a white greasy gunk that acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin, keeping it supple. They mostly discharge into hair follicles, and are usually buried under the skin so you can't see them, even when they get bigger, as they do, during puberty. However, the skin on the genitalia is thinner, and so they often become visible there at puberty, and people worry unnecessarily. They are normal. Sebaceous glands on shaftFordyce Spots are also tiny sebaceous glands but they are generally found on the inner forskin of the male and the labia of the female. Fordyce Spots on foreskinFordyce Spots can also appear on the lips of the mouth.Fordyce Spots on Mouth 1Fordyce Spots on Mouth 2Sebaceous glands, Pearly Penile Papules(PPP) and Fordyce Spots are all normal and harmless. They do not go away and they can not be removed (unless you want to burn them off).They are not a sexually transmitted diseases and are not infectious. They are all normal variations of the human body