Hi, my first post so bear with me here.Rather than answer to other people's posts about the above subject, I will post here and you can ask away if you have any questions. I don't want to alarm anyone by prescribing my own diagnosis on something they may not have as I am NOT a doctor. If it sounds like what you have, by all means fire away the questions at me here. I have a disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) www.hs-usa.org It is a disease that is marked by "acne-like"...."boil-like" lesions that are on the inverse parts of your body. Armpits, groin, bottom, under breasts, if you are heavy, under your belly. It is NOT any of these things, it especially isn't ACNE. If you have been diagnosed by the Dr. with furuncles, boils, carbuncles and they DON'T go away with antibiotics and these little buggers keep returning and returning, you may need to look at the website and RULE OUT that you don't have this. If you think you are being misdiagnosed by your MD and think that this fits you, by all means print off what you can there and take it to you doctor. BTW, it runs in families also. So if you have others in your family that have this condition and are at wits end. Let them know of this website.Many of us HSer's hide with this and don't tell our parents, friends, lovers and even our own doctors.....for years out of sheer embarassment. Believe me, I am one.I have found support and in turn, I am looking for others that need to be diagnosed properly to save them the cruelty/money of a misdiagnosis that lasts for years.It wasn't until my first search on my first computer that I found a fledgling group for HS support. My message to you is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IF you have this and there are people like you who suffer daily with HS. Ok, I will get off my soapbox now. My door is open here and I await your questions as this forum is a place where you shouldn't be AFRAID TO ASK!! Right?BlueP.S. If you see anyone post questions asking about this type of symptoms....will you refer there here to me or at least the website. I would greatly appreciate it!!