I have recently joined this forum and have been very interested in reading all the posts about masturbation. As an experienced (male) adult I just thought I would like to add my thoughts.I have masturbated regularly since I was 12. I have an uncut penis, the foreskin always covers the bell-end and 50% of it when I am erect. When I was a teenager into my thirties I looked upon masturbating as a pleasant sexual relief. I am married but I have now discovered something more in masturbating. Initially I always used to think that a huge orgasm was the ultimate goal, preferably achieved as quickly as possible. But I always used to feel a sense of anti-climax, if you see what I mean! What I have now discovered is that masturbating is a relaxing and enjoyable form of physical meditation. This can only be achieved by controlling the feelings producedin such a way that masturbation is continuous.By practise I can bring myself to a superb plateau of erotic pleasure and keep it there for days or weeks at a time, although each session may not last more than 45 minutes or so. Ican and do this several times every day. By doing this I ejaculate most days, sometime more than once but I dont ejaculate with an orgasm. The orgasm is a slow controlled series of superb peaks that subside.Occasionally thigs do go wrong and I have a conventional orgasm/ejaculation and I find it really disappointing.Incidently I produce a lot opf pre-cum this way which is great for self lubrication. I really do recommend that all you guys look at masturbation as something a lot more than a quick release - we all have great potential to discover but it does take a lot of practise.Women are lucky in this respect as I think they already have this in-built ability to usu masturbation as a powerfulmeans of superb self fulfiment and relaxation.There is great untapped sexual please at our finger tips! I know I have found it.