HI. i was wondering if some one could tell me the answers to some onf these questions about stretching the foreskin. how long do i stretch it, do i stretch it as far as it can go or more from that so it hurts. and also how long for do i keep it stretched. another question is when ive finnished stretching it should it go back to how it was before or go back to how big it was stretched. also i have another question. were abouts do u stretch the foreskin right at the end the furthest piont or do i pull it back over the head as far as it can go and crab the ends their and stretch from there. also i cant get any of my fingers in either which lance said do. do i do this when its stretched and i can get my fingers in. i sometimes cant hold on when im stretching in the shower or the bath cos my fingers slip. another question is which ways are the best to stretch the foreskin when im pulling away from the head. sorry about all the questions but im new and ive read some posts on here aswel but i just want to ask my self if thats ok.thanx for your answers if you can give me some.