I recently discovered Hakka Chinese cuisine. I had a look into the history of the Hakka and found it to be somewhat contested. The food however is pure genius for the fan of spice.I’m an armature chef who loves the fiery foods. Hakka is a combination of Chinese and Indian food, which are the two things I cook most often. I looked up a bunch of Hakka recipes and the basic rule seems to be fusing your favourite Indian and Chinese (simple).I had a great lunch at a Hakka restaurant last week. I had chilly chicken with pakoras. It was hOOOOOt! The funny thing was that I was dining with a close friend who is Pakistani. He was sweating like mad while I was cool as a cucumber. It was only funny because of the look the waitress gave us!!Anyone else familiar with this and/or are there any other armature chefs out there who like the hot stuff?