I was dating a girl for about 3 months, and we had frequent unprotected sex. At the beginning of the relationship I noticed irritation in my genitals. I went to a clinic and was diagnosed with chlamydia, which was treated with the zithromax shot, and all was well. Towards the end of the relationship I noticed a crusty patch on my penis, kind of like athletes foot in appearance. Naturally I freaked out and we broke it off after I discovered this. It went away (or appeared to) and I checked daily to see if anything was wrong. Now about 3 months later it has returned and seems to be getting worse. The affected areas are pink and have skin flaking off of them. All of the pictures of STD's I have seen don't look anything like it, does anyone have any ideas? I'm really scared to get tested again...if anyone has any clue to what this is, I would appreciate you sharing it with me. Thanks. Oh and there is no irritation of any kind, which is another thing that kind of confuses me.