Hi im 16 and I always wanted to know something about hair. I know that people lose about 25-100 hairs a day but for a few years I would always wake up with about 6-8 more pieces of hair on my pillow everyday. Now, nobody in my family is bald...(but my mom at 1 point lost some hair because of her nutrition). If I dont change my pillow + bed sheets for a few weeks I could pick up around 50 hair, now my dad's pillow has absouletly no hair (im surious.. like NO hair.. maybe 1)! Though I have A LOT more hair than my dad. So is it because I am still a teen and I have to lose a certian amount then it stops? Thanks 4 the expert advice in advance.PS: Ive asked the doc and all he did was lightly pull my hair to see if any hair would come out, and none did so he said I was fine.