Here's my plight. I am 19 years old, and very slim, like 6'1 and 155 pounds. What I am wanting to do is shake this stomach and upper chest fatty tissue I have, and well put some muscle there. I want to gain weight and I saw the numerous threads for it however it always goes to the stomach area and the chest making me look like a samolian haha(little joke among my buds) I just want some nice bicepts and abs... and I dunno where to start, I am so lost in this day of pills, suppliments, diets, usage... weight sets... I mean I have a set of 15 pound weights I never use in my room, and a fitness room at my complex. THing is I don;t know what to do... I have tried looking up guides but they all come with a pricetag, and even just asking the more beefy guys how they did it its very awkward for me. I care about what I look like alot, and I really need to do something about this, I can hold my own in situations but it wou;d be nice to take off my shirt at the beach and not feel like a emaciated binger... sorry for the word choice, I just need some of you guys who have been doing this to help me with what I have and where I am at... what can I start doing on my own? Is it better to just do it all with sweat and my own power? I really don;t wanna take any pills or powders... does that make it hard as hell? I mean I am willing to work, I just need guidance and motivation... so help me develop a body I can be proud of... thanks. I just want more confidence in my appearence, I have self esteem issues at pools and beaches, I don;t swin with shirts or anything, but it would just be nice to be proud to take my shirt off you know? EDIT I need someone who was like me who has been successful to tell their regimine or tips on how to start. Motivation and Knowledge is always power to keep working towards it, right now I have partial motivation, now I need the rest and the know how!