New user. Get that there aren't many MDs giving doctor-level diagnosis...but you guys seem willing enough to talk about anything, so thought I'd sound out my problem here. Yesterday, I was taking a bath and noticed two red spots on the tip of my penis...very small, look like pimples, but obviously scary considering where they are. This happens to coincide with a little bit of pain urinating (on and off) which started a few weeks ago--I had a kidney stone about two years ago and had bit hitting the chocolate pretty heavy lately, so I thought it could have been coming back...I started drinking more water and it was going away. It's just that the spots are alarming. One more thing that may or may not be connected. I feel like my testicles are drained. Like that tired sore feeling that comes after orgasm, but I haven't had an orgasm in two days (not after seeing those spots). Prostate-related? I don't know. If the spots don't go away, yeah, I'll see a doctor. But in the meantime, any suggestions or ideas?