so recently i was misdiagnosed with skintags. turns out it was hpv. i got my pap results back and was told that i have abnormal cells. ontop of that since my immune system is depleted from chemo for lupus they spread worse. i came into the office in march was told they were skin tags basically she poked me and sent me on my way. so then i knew she was wrong, returned when i got back from college and and started treatment two weeks ago (finally) since my immune system is tankin out on me they have spread far worse than they should have. so i have to be put to sleep and they are going to use a special knife to get them off. has anyone ever had this done? if so please tell me in detail how it went. what was it like afterwords? thanks, i appreciate it. also do you think i should sue if i do have precancerous cells or just plain for this misdiagnosis?