Me n my girlfriend broke up "for the summer" we had been going out for almost four months, but I'm just not sure if it was only for the summer... THe background info is- last year she kept a realtionship going over the summer with a guy (who is now one of my best friends... go figure) and it essentially ruined the relationship. She was the major factor in the breakup, she brought it up and thought of the idea, but she was the one crying as she told me. (I have gotten such a tight control on mys sad/angry reactions I really don't even show them any more) I still love her, and i think she still loves me, but I just wish there was some way to know for sure....
I waited to go out w/ her for the better part of the year, and finally got her. I enjoyed every single minute I spent with her, even the ones spent in class (lol). I just hope that we can pick up where we left off after we get back to school.

She is my second girlfriend (I dont even bother asking If I don't think it will last for a while) And the first I have ever done anything with (beyond hugging etc).

Anyone ahve any clues to whether it'll work out??? Anyone heard this story before, only to have your heart broken? Jsut looking for a heads up, to know if I should keep waiting, and msising her, or to try and move on... :confused: