I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, I've been hoping it would just go back to normal but it has been a month now, and it seems to be getting worse if anything. I checked the archive thread, but I don't think this is the same thing as the problems mentioned there.After some vigorous activity, my foreskin became rather painful. I assumed it was just 'friction burns' and would be OK soon. However, as it healed my foreskin became increasingly tighter. The skin seems to be very dry (both inside and outside), and if I roll it back or get an erection, sometimes the skin splits (which is rather painful). I don't think this is the same as phimosis (which I have heard mentioned as tightening) because it still retracts, but it is very painful when it does. Sometimes the skin splits quite large, leaving something which looks like a half-inch long cut along my penis. Every time it does this, it gets a bit tighter, so I'm worrying if it might not go back to normal. It seems to get better to some degree, then I get a big erection and it gets worse again, I think the general trend is getting worse overall.In addition, I'm beginning to think the frenulum might be shrinking as well (so the foreskin doesn't roll back as far as it used to even on a good day). Could this be something caused by the skin breaking right next to it, or am I maybe imagining it?Thanks