When will this bi-partisan (bi-partisan, but EXTREMELY partisan) 9/11 commission end? It was a tactical error by the administration not put Dr. Rice (who is always a good speaker) on the stand for so long. But tactical errors aside, I hope that our political leaders will put this political 9-11 exploitation to rest.As most people who have read my political posts know, I am a moderate democrat, and I would like to see the Bush to lose in the fall. I was a liberal independent before this administration, and I believe that this administration has made several ENORMOUS mistakes. 9-11 was not among those mistakes. Yes, as the self-promoting Clark pointed out, we could have always been more prepared (in hindsight). Nonetheless, the 9-11 commission is starting to become a partisan witch hunt that only further polarizes an already divided nation on an issue that must be put to rest.Mo one was prepared for 9-11, and as much as I dislike the Bush administration, this finger pointing game, using the tragedy of 9-11 as a political toy, must end for both Republicans and Democrats. 9-11 would have likely happened regardless of who was in office. Some members of the commission (as well as other leading Democrats) obscure the seriousness of the terrorism problem by insinuating that a higher degree of preparation could insulate this country from a problem that extends far beyond a single event. Even if 9-11 could have been prevented (and that seems unlikely), the issues underlying and causing 9-11 would not have been solved by superficial security measures.