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    Hi all. I may need to switch doctors soon due to a move to continue my graduate education. i havent had a change of doctor since i started taking adderrall and i was wondering if people tend to have a problem staying onthe same prescription when they change doctors. I know a lot of doctors dont like prescribing it and id really like to avoid doing a bunch of psych evaluations. also, i dont know if this will pose a problem or if it would even show up on my medical record but my current doctor didnt do a formal psych evaluation. He just talked to me about my symptoms and then wrote the [rescription. I have had an evaluation done but it was back in early high school (im 28 now) so i dont know if those records would even be avilable (took the adderrall back in high school, was off it for years and then started again when i began grad school). Thanks!

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