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    Hey guys, i have a major problem that i cant find a salution that is right for me. maybe you can help. ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years and i love him so much. but as time goes by me and him fight more and more. we are at the point were we are constantly fighting and i ended up sleeping over my parents house a few nights. i lived with him for 2 years and raised his 2 kids (from his ex wife). i love them to death. so my problem is...... we have been working on our relationship for a wile and there are no results from it. im at the point were im ready to give up. but im scared to be without him. i got so use to him that i dont think i can let go. i tired before but we ended up getting back together. i really dont like that way he treats me,like he uses me, maybe its not true but thats what it seems. i want to move on but im not sure that its the right desition. we even talked about getting married. i dont think i can change him from his ways anymore. and i just need advice on how i can let go.if you tell me i need to go out with the girls i cant because all my friends aree tied down and dont rea,lly go out so im on my own.I hope that advise you guys give me helps THANX

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