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    This website (one of the topics about foreskin retraction) made me realise that I had to do that. So thanks for that.

    I'm now able to retract my foreskin over the glans while both flacid and erect easily now but while erect I can't retract the foreskin past the glans (I've seen this done online in images and videos). Is this normal (to not be able to pull it further past the glans when erect)?

    The foreskin "bunches" up against the glans when erect and I physically can't (it hurts and it looks like the frenulum can't be stretched anymore) but i can do this while flaccid. Even at about 75% I can pull it down a little but not too much before I can't.

    For reference from Wikipedia:

    I can get to the second last image while erect but not to the final one while erect

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