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    I've read a lot of these and it brought back memories of something that happen to me when I was 13. I'd been jackin' off for a couple of years and remembered to lock the door sicne the first time, but the girl I'd had a crush on for a year showed me her boobs while I was walking home from school. She did it just to mess with me, but I'd never been harder. I ran home and got there as soon as my dad did but I ran right past him up to my room. I closed the door and was too distracted pulling down my pants and shorts then I started jackin' off. I started to cum when my dad came burstin' in. I saw him, but I couldn't stop one of the biggest ones I've had. Anyway my dad had turned around and waited til' I was done. He finally turned back around and told me that I left my backpack in the middle of the floor. He also told me to do it in the shower that way I could wash it way and nobody would hear. Then he just walk away. I couldn't beleave it . Anyway, I'm 15 now and I've to take his advice seriously, and it works.

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