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    I've recently been sleeping with a girl who likes oral sex. I feel that what I'm doing is getting a lil old, and I need some assistance on something else to do while giving her oral sex. Anyone know any? Or any good manual techniques (fingering)?

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    Well there are a number of things u could do. For instance treat her pussy like a mouth and "make out" with it, also while giving oral, manual stimulation might also help her enjoy it.Just remember work that Tongue! Trust me it should work!

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    Funny that u would mention this, but this happened 2 me recently. My gf did the same and I found the "foot job" (as I call it) to be great. It was better than a hand job, but not better than oral. Everyone in here if u haven't tried it go out and get yourself a foot job. Huh?!

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    Oh yeah 69ing can be very hot while giving head.

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    Unfortunately there's no real advice I can give u for this. Obviously due to age and maturity, the girls u are dating don't feel they're ready for sex. I suggest u become very good at beating off in the mean time. Maybe you'll find a new girlfriend soon, and maybe she'll want sex and u can have a fun time, but until then all u have is ur hand...and believe me in hard times it can be a guys best friend. As for getting a girl to sleep with me, I have a girlfriend so thats where I get it, if I didnt...I'd probably be in the same boat as u.

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    Thats hot! It probably means that u had orgasms and r really into the fooling around. Don't worry about it, embrace it and do it more if u feel like it. Fooling around is always good!

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    A lot of people these days are having sex at younger and younger ages. I lost my virginity at 16, but what I want to know is, is there something wrong with being a virgin? It seems to me that so many people are in a rush to lose their virginity and get it over with, and others seem to hold on to it like something valuable.I'm not against sex or against virginity, but it seems to me that a lot of people these day are quickly taking sides. Is virginity nothing and your first time meaningless? Or is it somethings that we should do when we are ready? What are your thoughts? With the more and more people having sex, are virgins becoming extinct?

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    I get what ur saying, and I know a lot of people do it! So don't worry about anyone here who is talking crap. I'm not gay but I understand that a lot of people straight or gay do this. I did 2 a girl once just 2 get her 2 sleep with me, it was one time and she was kind of bitchy. I only did something like that once, so the rest of u dont come at me with pitchforks and torhces! lol

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    I don't look for imperfections when seeking a girlfriend, however, I dont mind them. It's not the "imperfection" itself that would bother me its how that person could pull it off(or carry it). I dislike it when a person with an "imperfection" is constantly talking about it and pointing it out everywhere and anywhere u go with them. I mean who doesn't have an imperfection, and if u answer "no" you're full of shit. And if I had to say what my favorite imperfection would be someone shorter, I think thats so cute.

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    1. Your Age:17

    2. Straight, homosexual, or bisexual?:Straight

    3. Your flaccid (soft) penis length:5 inches

    4. Your erect (hard) penis length:8 inches

    5. Are you satisfied with your penis length?:yeah it's veryhot!

    6. What would you say average length is?:6 inches

    7. Your flaccid (soft) penis girth (thickness)?:3 inches

    8. Your erect (hard) penis girth (thickness)?: 5 inches

    9. Are you satisfied with your girth (thickness)?:yeah its hot!

    10. Amount of Pubic Hair:enough, i try not to let it get out of conrol.

    11. Are you satisfied with your pubic hair?:yeah, but it could stop growing so damn much.

    12. What places do you have hair?:head,lower arms, legs, under arms, and genital area.

    13. Do you wish you had more/less?:I dont have a lot 2 begin with, so I'm happy.

    14. Are you circumcised (cut)?:Yes

    15. Do you ever wish you were/weren't?:No, I love it!

    16. Do you have wet dreams?:None that I can recall.

    18. What's your farthest cumshot?:dont know...guess I should have brought my meter stick.

    19. Do you consider yourself done with puberty?:yeah

    20. Boxers/Briefs/Boxerbriefs/ or other?:boxerbriefs, my ass looks hot in them!

    21. Would you show your penis If a girl asked you to?:Why not, especially if I was interested in her.

    22. Do you have a girlfriend or boyfriend? (Please state.)
    No, but Im trying to correct that.
    23. Have you kissed this person?: If you're refering to the girl I like, then no.

    24. Have you had sex with this person/or before?: Ok, if I haven't kissed them, then I'm pretty sure I haven't fucked them either!

    25. Did you enjoy it?:what do u want me 2 say?!

    26. Oral sex?: Yes please!

    27. Anal sex?I'll give it, if the girl is willing.

    28. What other kinds?:Girl on top riding u, and where ur sitting face 2 face while fucking. Now that's hot!

    29. Have you ever had incest (having sex with a relative)?:
    Not that I know of, and if I did...eeew!
    30. If so, did you like it?:
    If I was from the South!

    31. Do you masturbate?:Quite Often!

    32. Which hand do you use to masturbate?:Left, even though I'm a right hander and I use my right too sometimes, I prefer left.

    33. How often?:about 1-3 times a day.

    34. What's your favorite place to jack off?:In bed...sometimes naked.

    35. What's the strangest place you've jacked off?:In a van, while driving on the freeway.(I was a passenger)

    36. Do you orgasm?:All the time baby!

    37. How, Where, or what do you use to clean it up with?:
    A tissue.
    38. Are you limber enough to suck your own dick?:Sometimes I wish.

    39. Do you do it often?:I dont think I'd do it loenly can a person be?!

    40. Do you wish you could/couldn't?:I wish I could

    41. Do you swallow/taste your semen?:Taste...I really doubt swallow.

    42. Do you like it?:The one tiem I tried my own, No! I don't understand what all the fuss is about.

    43. Do you experience other ways of masturbation?: Like what do u mean?

    44. Have you ever been caught jacking off?:Not that I know of.

    45. Are you jacking off now?:Oh come on! You have got to be one sick bastard 2 be whackin' off while filling out a survey...survey's aren't that sexy!

    46. Do you jack off using condoms?:No, but that's an idea!

    47. Do you ever play with you foreskin?:No

    48. Do you ever play with your balls?Quite often.

    49. ...with your anus?Every now and again. It's pretty hot!

    50. Do you ever masturbate at school?: WHo would do that?! Unless the thrill of someone walking in really gets u off...

    51. Do you look at porn?:Yes

    52. If so, what types?:Whatever's hot, usually depends on how horny I am.

    53. Have you ever been caught looking at porn?:No

    54. Do you jack off while looking at porn?:Sometimes, but its not as great as people make it out to be.

    55. Do you ever look at porn with friends?:Yeah, its usually the gross kind that turns on about 2% of the population, we have a good laugh.

    56. Do you go to porn webpages?:Rarely

    57. Do you download porn off of Kazaa or something?:
    That's the best place 2 download porn clips.
    58. Do you look at porn mags?:
    Not regularly, like twice.
    59. Do you parents give you porn?:What kind of fucked up house did u grow up in?!

    60. Do you get bored of porn sometimes?: Yeah, which is why I don't look at a lot of porn.

    61. Do you take showers or baths? (Which?):Showers.

    62. Do you use stalls or urinals for pissing?:Whatever's unoccupied.

    63. Do you drink piss? Feces...?:No, don't think I ever would, but it sounds hot.

    64. Do you ever peek at other people's penises while pissing?:No...does that mean they're looking at mine??

    65. If so, what did you see?:I already said I dont!...why did someone tell u something?

    66. Do you have sleepovers with friends?:Yeah

    67. Do you ever jack off with friends?:No, but it sounds hot! I'd do it, with my hot friends.

    68. Do you compare penis sizes to friends?:No, I dont see the point.

    69. Have you been seen naked by family members, or by friends?:No, that would just make things awkward.

    70. Do your parents give you condoms?:No, get em myself...although it would be cheaper that way.

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