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    Okay so I'm 15 and I am in tenth grade. I've known this girl since I was in 8th grade and she is 2 years younger than I am. That makes her in 8th Grade Now. I have some hints that she may be somewhat interested in me but I am not totally sure. I only see her sometimes around first period since she has a high school math class and has to go to the high school for it. Her parents do not let her on AIM or the computer much for that matter so i don't talk to her much but when I do, we have conversations though they don't last that long. On the convo where I started to really try to talk to her again, she is like:"Are you an only child?""No""Aw, you must be lonley! You should join my family!"And goes on somewhat like that. Now my problem is that I like her a lot and want to ask her out though I don't know how and even when to do it. I'm afraid to ask her out, probably because of rejection. Even now, when she is online which is maybe once or twice a week for like five minutes each, I hesitate to IM her so I don't seem like a 'stalker'. I don't want to bother her to the point where she just gets plain out annoyed by me. Help!

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