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    I think I may have herpes, or genital warts.Recently, me and a colleague hooked up, and it went as far as her giving me oral sex. Whether or not it matters (I'm not an STD guru) I did 'blow my load' in her mouth as per her request.While I'm aware that this is an awkward situation, I'm worried that I may have contracted something. (Herpes, genital warts?)About two weeks afterwards, I developed a series of little, white bumps on the underside of the head of my penis. I've since spoken with her, and she has taken a STI test, which came back negative across the board. They look almost identical to this and are in the same place. However, they only appeared AFTER the oral sex, which is why I'm concerned.I was clean prior to this encounter, and hadn't had any form of sex for over a year. She is also clean (although I think that testing for genital warts can't be done other then visual examination, which WAS done.)I know that my roommate has simplex 1? Eh, the one that causes canker sores. We use the same shower... is it possible that maybe via a bar of soap, or razor (we both have our own, but I may have used his. Doubtful) that the virus was transmitted from his s1, to genital herpes for me?Am I just overly worried, or do I have something? Any help is appreciate.EDIT: I know for a fact that they aren't pimples, but look like the tips of them (white).Thanks,Matt (The users last Name is withheld for privacy)EDIT: Sorry for posting my last name. I did read the 'rules' but I'm in a little of a panic! Eep!Anyway, I've changed the picture to one more accurate (it's of PPP).

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