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    heyi'm pretty upset with my recent diagnosis of genital herpes.I am not currenty in a relationship but don't know how to approach a new one. I can't even fathom the idea of it. I don't know who to confide in but I feel i need to talk.I feel like I shouldn't even try.I fear rejection of course.I want to be loved and not judged by friends family and possibly a relationship... how do i come clean on this? Who should I talk to? How do I approach dating?How/when should I reaveal this horrifying detail? I can hardly admit it to myself.Who should I not tell.ugggg I don't know what to do - sometimes it's ok, I know, I know that it's not that bad and I know to go on as before but sometimes it overwhealms me. I feel helpless and doomed to a life of pain and lack of satisfaction if you know what I mean.

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