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    I,m 58yrs old, mwm, grandkids, the whole shebang, etc. I,m a masc in shape "closeted" bi guy, that was blessed by being pretty well endowed from puberty. (just shy of 9"). my 1st ever sexual encounter "of any kind" was when I was just coming into puberty. my brothers best friend, my brother & i used to play the normal boy stuff, (nothing sexual), football, baseball, hiking, etc. but 1 day things changed for me----the friend asked me if I wanted to go in his room & look at some magazines, (my brother was not around that day), I said ok. now, I,m talking almost 45yrs ago, butt, remembering back, we ended up naked on his bed, with a jar of lube, & he gave me my 1st handjob!! I do remember he had some pubes, I had a few, but, I was bigger than him. over the next year or so, he basically taught & did everything to/for me ("I" NEVER got anal, but, did him many times)! he would suck me, eat my cumm, rim me, & we French kissed. I did suck him too. that's where/how my bi tendencies started. ohh, my brother was never involved, & did not know about us!! well, the friend got a g/f, I too started dating, we both married, had kids, etc, & he moved, so that was it for him. years went by, & I would get an occasional bj @ a gloryhole @ an adult store, & sometimes gave a bj too. fast forward to when I had married, was in my mid 20s, I got laid off, so I went to a trade school to learn welding, there were quite a few hottt looking guys there, but I came good friends with a married guy, 23, had kids & was good looking. 1 day we decided to skip school and go out drinking at a bar. we both had a good buzz going & was about to head home (to our wives), lol, he said we outta stop by the local adult store, & watch some x videos before going home. I said sure!! I got in my booth (which had a glory hole), dropped some quarters whipped out my dick & started jerking. I then see a finger through the hole, & thought, "what the hell", my buddy wont know what I,m doing, so I stick my dick in. to this day, I gotta say, it was the BEST bj I,ve ever had in my life, & the dude ate all I shot!! I quickly put my shit away, & wanted to get out before my school buddy saw me, & holy shit, it was my married, hot, school buddy that just sucked me off!! come to find out, he confessed he had seen my dick @ the school murinals & wanted it since he saw it!! I had no idea he was bi!! our friendship never changed & he sucked me 1 other time before he & his family moved to another state!! ohhh what memories!!

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