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    Hi, I've been curious about this for a long time. I don't know if I have ADD or whatever, but lately I've looked back at my behaviours and I think I might have it? I have the hardest time sleeping, I try to empty my mind, but I find myself thinking about random things. It's been like that for years. Every time I do a test in school, or any work in general I need to read a question 2+ times before I can understand what I need to do. Sometimes I can focus, but only on things I'm passionate about. I love math so when I do math I shred through it almost no problem. (Except word problems.) I speed solve Rubik's Cube puzzles as well, which I get REALLY into. I'll get asked by a parent of mine to do a quick chore and before I know it I'll do 100 solves... Also, while watching videos on youtube I, for no reason, click on a suggested video in the middle of the last video. When I realize it I finish the second video, THEN go back if I don't click another. Music is something I'm really passionate about so if I listen to a song, I don't do anything but listen to that song. I also find it hard to watch videos and not do something else, 90% of the time I have a rubik's cube in my hand or I'm drawing or gaming. I know this was a little.. DRAWN out HAH, but I appreciate any input anyone might have. Thanks!
    There are an unsurmountable number of things other than these that I do as well. They were just a few examples.

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