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    I was diagnosed with ADHD about 3 months ago. The doctor wrote me a prescription for generic ritalin upon my second visit for 2 months in advance. I went in for another visit today(a month later), and the doctor changed my dose and gave me a second prescription of the same medication. I brought the current script in to a pharmacy to have filled because it was across the street during my lunch break, that way I was able to have some of my medicine for the day. After work, I stopped by the grocery store where I usually have my scripts filled, and gave them the old script which was also filled. I just blanked and didn't bother reading how much medicine the scripts were for. I had no idea that the first one was to completely replace the second one. I'm pretty sure the doctor just forgot she wrote it, and now I have 2.5x the medicine. I know what dose the doctor wanted me to take, but now, because I spaced out like an idiot, I got my old prescription PLUS my new one(30mg/day AND 40mg/day). Certainly a jump like that will bring up a red flag to someone. Will the DEA or some other law enforcement agency take notice and intervene? Will I or my doctor now be in trouble? What should I do? I have no history of drug abuse, nor any sort of convictions on my record.

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