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    So about a week ago my mom found out I had sex in my bedroom she confronted me about it and so I came clean about it and a little later my boyfriend came over to visit and she sat us down at the diner table to talk about is was really mad she asked if we used protection and how long we been doing it and if we were ready to carry the responsibility. After we answers her she got even madder and told us to leave we went out side and he apologize to me about the whole thing . And know my mom said that since I Los my virginity I am now a woman and I need to start acting like one she makes me clean cook do verity and know I can only see my boyfriend once a week of an hour. She calls me a propitious a where and sass the I bucked up my like she there's my selling my stuff and I have to pay my stuff . I rally don't care about all that I was going to start doing all that some day but I didn't imaging it like this . IM only bothered and hurt that she calls me names .HELP

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