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    Hey A2A community,

    I've been dealing with issue for about 2 months shy of a year (and maybe longer). My ex-girlfriend, who is 25, has undiagnosed bipolar. She was diagnosed with ADHD in college and takes about 50 mg of Adderall a day.
    She was living in NYC with her now ex for the summer. We were talking throughout, and would hang out here and there. There was a point where she started showing signs of delusions, and paranoia mostly concerning her Ex cheating on her or sabotaging her. There was a point where she believed that she was being followed by the Mexican population at large. There was a weekend where she was so terrified that she had to get to PA (her home state) before the Mexicans got her. She spent a weekend at my place in Philly, and I talked her out of the paranoia.
    Her and her boyfriend broke up and she moved back with her parents in PA, and has been there since. For whatever reason it seems like her parents have given up on trying to help her, and I had to block her until last night when I thought "how much will it hurt?" (Mind you, I really like being her friend.. At times, but not interested in getting back together). Things were fine last night so we hung out again today. She was in a completely depressed state. Crying in public. She had been trying to get a job in NYC, and move back there while living in PA. She had a plan with her parents that if she could get a job they will pay for her first months rent (seeing as she doesn't have any source of income). She actually got a job, but her parents went back on their word.
    To shorten the story when we hung out today I was trying to talk to her about possible alternatives to getting money than relying on her parents. It ended in a fight. I stormed out of her car, and left. Just before I slammed her car door she yelled, "I want to kill myself!" Previous to that she had mentioned other thoughts of suicide, and how her life is done, and she has nowhere else to go. I don't know what to do about this! She doesn't want to acknowledge that she has a problem so she won't go to a clinic on her own, but she's 25 so her parents can't do anything about it till it gets really bad. I'm extremely worried that something bad will happen.

    Any insight would be amazing. I tried the ignore tactic, but I don't think it will work. She's too head strong to think she's done anything wrong, and blames it on everyone else. I can't handle this alone, and she has no friends, and despises her parents. I also get the sense that she may have been sexually abused at some point in her life, but I'm trying not to assume things like that.


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